Professional IKEA Kitchen Installation Service

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VIVA Kitchen IKEA Installation Services

Prior to Our Arrival prepare your room or let us do it for you

  • All structural modifications and drywall must be completed
  • Ensure that walls are suitable for supporting your new kitchen cabinets
  • Make sure that the gas, water, drain, ventilation, electrical, and other utilities connections are where you         want them and suit your new kitchen layout
  • We recommend priming walls and putting the first coat of paint prior to kitchen installation, and applying the      second one upon its completion
  • Installation area should be clean, and old cabinetry removed from the room
  • Please have a delivery personnel place the boxes on the same floor, close to/or in the room where it is to be      installed

  • Our Step-By-Step Assembly & Installation of IKEA® kitchen

  • Measuring, marking, and drawing a layout of the cabinets on the walls to ensure proper fitting
  • Identifying behind-the-wall studs, plumbing, and electrical cables to prevent damage to them
  • Mounting and leveling suspension rails
  • Assembling cabinets, drawers, and doors
  • Customizing cabinets and cover panels
  • Cutting holes in cabinets for ventilation, gas, water, drain pipes, and other utilities
  • Installing cabinets, cover panels, fillers, mouldings, plinths, under-cabinet lighting and outlets, shelving and      interior organizers, doors and drawers
  • Adjusting door hinges and drawer fronts. Installing handles, knobs, and door bumpers
  • Installing IKEA® countertops, cutting out openings for drop-in sink and cooktop
  • Installing and connecting the sink and faucet, water filtration system, range-hood, cooktop, microwave,           dishwasher, and fridge
  • Cleaning up the entire kitchen and the interior of the cabinets<

  • Countertops Installation

         We install only IKEA® countertops, excluding third party or any other stone countertops. However, we can recommend the reputable stone countertop fabricators in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer. In case you want to use the kitchen right away, and planning to install a stone worktop later, we suggest purchasing a cheap laminated counter for temporary use. You can get one from IKEA® for as low as 45$ for 74in long or 55$ for 98in.

    Appliances and Sinks Installation & hook-up

         We are installing and connecting drop-in kitchen sinks with faucets only. We do not install under-mount or flush-mount sinks. These types of sinks are usually used with granite, quartz, marble, and other solid surface worktops, and should be installed by your countertop fabricator/installer. Installation of appliances and sinks is possible only as a part of kitchen project. We agree to install the appliances only if we are installing your kitchen. It can be done during the kitchen installation or once your appliances will be available.

    Old Kitchen Demolition – save money and do it yourself or hire the professionals

         When moving heavy items we highly recommend using another person help and/or dolly to avoid self-injury or damaging house interior. If keeping the flooring, cover it with soft drop cloths. Always use safety glasses, gloves, and dust mask for personal safety.
    You will need at least 6 cubic yard garbage bin for the debris from an average size kitchen.
         Remove Appliances and Fixtures
         ! Before removing appliances and fixtures disconnect them from the electrical, gas, and water supply. For      your safety, hire or consult someone who is experienced and/or licensed to do so. Remove all doors, drovers, and all other items from the cabinets for better access.

  • You will need at least 6 cubic yard garbage bin for the debris from an average size kitchen.
  • Turn off the electricity in the kitchen at the panel, and put a piece of tape over the breaker. Use a non-contact voltage tester to confirm the power is off. Disconnect the appliances, cap-off the wires ends, and turn on the breaker.
  • Turn off the gas. Each gas appliance has its own shut-off valve that’s usually located behind or under the appliance.
  • Turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve to prevent a leak in case of damaging pipe during demolition. Release the water pressure in the water lines by opening the hot and cold water in the faucet. Place a tray and a piece of rag under the connection point of the appliance to water supply. Disconnect by unscrewing, unclipping or cutting the connection point. Make sure that the pieces you are cutting can be easily replaced or won’t be reused in further installation. Before opening a main shut-off valve, double check that all other valves in the kitchen are being closed.

  • Order and Delivery of your new kitchen from IKEA®

         Once your Ikea kitchen design is ready you can place the order online or visit the IKEA®. Before ordering, go through the list of items again to make sure you have right amount of cover panels, shelves, rails, lighting, cornices, kickboards, handles, nobs, hinges, dampers, legs… It is your responsibility to inspect for damage or missing items upon pickup and delivery. When you are using our order and delivery service, you don’t have to worry about upper mentioned headaches. VIVA Kitchen will be fully responsible for the conditions of all items.


         The installation time varies from project to project mostly due to size of the project and customization of the cabinetry. Other factors include large unevenness of the walls, ceiling, floor, awkward positioning of the utilities connections, fastening to the concrete walls, missing and/or damaged items. When the room is prepared and all kitchen items ready to be installed, an average completion time is from 2 to 4 days.
         If you are looking to utilize VIVA Kitchen’s services including design, order, delivery, demolition, preparation of the room, assembly, and installation, please contact us to estimate a timeframe of your project.

    Our specialists provide professional assembly service specializing in IKEA® kitchens & IKEA Office Furniture installation.

        We offer best prices! and work with our clients to ensure that the kitchen installation meets their expectations. We work hard to have your kitchen up and running in no time, while minimizing disruption to your daily routine.